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    Refactory - Prep Program
    Get a solid Programming Foundation
    Refactory prep brings core programming concept and practice, for a newcomer - like YOU
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Free Class

The class includes online learning modules and videos with lessons and drills. This service is a free service that aims to help participants sharpening their programming skills to become junior programmers. The focus of this service is the learning platform which contains modules and videos about JavaScript which should be studied independently. Participants will receive learning modules and videos containing material and questions for practice. It is expected that from this Free Class program, participants will have a reasonable understanding of basic logic and concept programming languages, especially on JavaScript.
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Premium Class IDR 2.5jt

The class includes learning modules and videos, online learning assistance and counseling for 25 hours online, as well optimal short training. This service is a paid service that aims to help participants in sharpening programming skills to become a junior programmer. The focus of this service is on learning JavaScript programming language, where participants are expected to have basic logic and conceptual skills in programming science after following/completing all Bootcamp Prep processes.
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