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  • Questions & Answers
  • Who can apply to this bootcamp?

    Through this program, we intend to nurture any Indonesian who aspire to improve their career to international level. No restriction to gender, religion, belief, tradition, and so on. All you need to have is a strong will to work as a programmer in international environment.

  • How can I apply to this bootcamp?

    Any candidate needs to undergo online test to ensure that you fulfill the qualification first. The participant who pass the test will soon be invited to interview session. Take the test now.

  • How long the bootcamp will take place?

    The bootcamp will go for 12 weeks. The class will be started in Bandung and Jogja. So, candidates are required to be prepared to stay in Bandung or in Jogja. You can find your own homestay or you can ask our assistance.

  • Where are the bootcamp take place?

    The bootcamp will be taking place in :

    Bandung Campus

    Perumahan Setra Asri no. 32

    Jalan Gunung Batu, Pasirkaliki, Cimahi utara
    Kota Cimahi
    Jawa Barat 40514

    Jogjakarta Campus

    Jalan Bausasran No.37, Danurejan, kota Yogyakarta
    DI Yogyakarta

    We intend to choose this place because of the fun, cozy, comfort, and the ease of access that the place provided. With such creative atmosphere, we want to elevate the learning potential of our students as much as possible. For the same reason, we'll provide free meals twice a day for our student.

  • What do I need to prepare?

    You need to bring your own device such as laptop and smartphone that are needed throughout the programming bootcamp. We’ll try to cover as many as possible of your needs so you can have total focus with your education. There will be a one-on-one discussion after the interview session where you can express your concern regarding this bootcamp and your needs.

  • How much do I need to pay?

    This bootcamp tuition is Rp 30.000.000,00.

  • I have no programming background, can i join ?

    You don't have to have programming background, simply get through the online test in our web and follow the login selection process.Take the test now.

  • What if I want to walk out?

    We provide you one week trial. For the first week since the course started, you are free to exit the program if you feel that it's not a suitable program for you. We’ll return the money you paid minus the down payment.

  • Am I guaranted to have job right after I graduate?

    No, but we provide hiring assistance after you graduate. So yes, We've got your back.

  • Can I ask more question?

    Please do. Send us your question to: relations@refactory.id.

Don't have any programming experience?

Can anybody become a software engineer? We believe so. We have 100 hours track to prepare you for our selective bootcamp.
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